On-site IT Support

Case Study

On-site IT Support Service


Client: Hikma

Sector: Pharmaceuticals

Company Size: 50+

Benefits of IT Support:

  • On-site coverage 8am-6pm Mon-Fri
  • Includes 2nd/3rd line escalation
  • Part of global IT team
  • Consultants availability for project work
  • Single provider for UK IT support

Other Services Provided:

  • Consultancy

The Challenge

To deliver an augmented on-site IT support service for staff and “C-level” senior executives at the London office.

Design & Implementation

The requirements for the on-site IT support service included:

  • On-site IT support presence between the hours of 8am-6pm Mon-Fri (10 hours per day)
  • On-site IT support for “C-level” staff attending London board meetings
  • IT support for internet, network, wireless, server, desktop, unified communications & video-conferencing
  • Work with the global IT team to deliver and support the global IT strategy in the UK
  • Delivery of project work on an ad-hoc basis

The services delivered by Comis included:

  • On-site IT support between 8am-6pm Mon-Fri delivered on a rota by the Comis team
  • Assignment of experienced and skilled staff to provide “C-level” support
  • Specialist 2nd/3rd line IT support skills provided by the Comis team when required
  • A team of specialist consultants to deliver project work on a flexible basis


The benefits of the implementing Comis’ IT Support service were:

  • On-site support coverage between 8am-6pm Mon-Fri
  • Includes escalation to 2nd/3rd line team members as required
  • Intregrated service with global IT team
  • Availability of specialist consultants for project work
  • A single provider to fulfil UK IT support requirements

The Technical Part

As a managed IT services provider Comis has a skilled multi-disciplined team with expertise in all areas of IT service delivery.  We were able to deliver flexible resources to provide 10-hours of IT support per day and provide escalation within the Comis team for 2nd/3rd line support requests.  The Comis team were also able to help deliver IT projects through flexible resources available on-demand.