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Cloud Services

Deploy cloud solutions to increase productivity and improve collaboration for your business

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Microsoft 365

Office365 is Microsoft’s industry leading cloud platform which provides a portfolio of cloud services including: 

  • Exchange Online (Email) 
  • Teams/Skype for Business (Voice, Presence, IM, Audio & Video Conferencing, Webinars) 
  • Office Professional Plus (Office Licencing) 
  • OneDrive (File Sharing) 
  • SharePoint (Collaboration) 
  • Yammer (Social) 

There a number of reasons why moving to Office365 is the right decision for small to medium businesses to make: 

  • Security – It is designed with security in mind and contains a range of features which help you improve security and compliance. 
  • Reliability – It provides an SLA of 99.9% which ensures all your cloud services will be available 24/7. 
  • Compatibility –  It is compatible with your existing Microsoft IT infrastructure to reduce implementation costs. 
  • Cost-effective – Small to medium business benefit by using enterprise grade IT infrastructure without large investment in IT infrastructure. 

We are experts at deploying Office365 and we can help your business realise the benefits. 

Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s enterprise cloud server hosting platform.  Azure helps business to migrate IT infrastructure to the cloud to realise the benefits of cloud hosting. 

Migrating your IT infrastructure to the Azure cloud platform provides the following benefits: 

  • IaaS – it is delivered on an Infrastructure as a Service model which means you only pay for the resources you use 
  • Security – it has been designed with security in mind and provides enterprise level security 
  • Scalability – it is easily scalable and you can upgrade resources (disk space, processors, memory etc.) as required 
  • Integration – it can be integrated with on-premise servers to provide bespoke hybrid solutions and migration paths 
  • Reliability – the platform is backed by a 99.9% SLA 
  • Management – it simplifies management and administration of server hardware 
  • Cost-effective – pay for what you use without significant up-front investment in expensive hardware 

We can help you realise the benefits of deploying the Azure platform. 

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Egnyte delivers Enterprise File Services that uniquely anticipate the needs of users and IT departments, so they can easily, securely and intelligently access and share files, on premises and in the cloud. 

Egnyte provides unparalleled flexibility, unified visibility and centralized control over file services to optimize collaboration with people both inside and outside the organization. 

Benefits of using Egnyte are: 

  • Increased productivity 
  • Enhanced security 
  • Improve mobility 
  • Reduced costs 
  • Unified administration and management 
  • Smart reporting and auditing 

Case Study – Egnyte Cloud File Sharing

Client: Fidum PM
Sector: Property Management
Company Size: 10+

Challenge: To deliver a cloud-based file sharing solution to replace on-premise Windows file server

Benefits of Egnyte Cloud File Sharing:

  • Low entry cost and op-ex model
  • No remote access servers or appliances
  • Data accessible from any location on any device without VPN
  • Apps for iOS & Android
  • Corporate branding
  • Secure data sharing with 3rd parties
  • Identity and data security similar to Active Directory
  • All data securely backed up

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