Egnyte Cloud File Sharing

Case Study

Egnyte Cloud File Sharing


Client: Fidum Property Management

Sector: Property Management

Company Size: 10+

Benefits of Egnyte Cloud File Services:

  • Low entry cost and op-ex model
  • No remote access servers or appliances
  • Data accessible from any location on any device without VPN
  • Apps for iOS & Android
  • Corporate branding
  • Secure data sharing with 3rd parties
  • Identity and data security similar to Active Directory
  • All data securely backed up

Other Services Provided:

  • Managed Internet
  • Managed Firewall
  • Managed Desktop
  • Office365 E3 with Skype for Business Phone System
  • Office365 EMS E3
  • vCIO

The Challenge

To deliver a cloud-based file sharing solution to replace an on-premise Windows file server:

  • Minimise the IT hardware footprint in the office
  • Reduce the costs of server management, remote access and backup
  • Support agile and flexible working practices
  • Access data from any location from any device
  • Improve data security

Design & Implementation

The existing file sharing solution was delivered by an on-premise Windows Server with a Remote Desktop Server for remote access.  Issues identified with the existing solution were:

  • Limited space and unsuitable environment to host an on-premise server
  • High capital expenditure cost to replace network, server and remote access hardware and services

Following the buy-out of the business a completely new IT solution was required and Comis recommended the deployment of the Egnyte Connect platform to deliver cloud file sharing.  Implementation included:

  • Configuration of the Egnyte cloud platform
  • Migration of data from the current on-premise Windows server to the Egnyte cloud platform
  • Implementation of identity management via security groups
  • Deployment of the Egnyte desktop apps to all laptops, PCs & smartphones
  • Egnyte Drive app used to provide access to shared data via a mapped drive in
  • Windows Explorer
  • Egnyte Desktop Sync used to provide backup of offline data on laptops


The benefits of the implementing Egnyte’s cloud file sharing platform were:

  • Low entry cost of implementing the cloud platform through op-ex rather than cap-ex model
  • No requirement for on-premises remote access appliances and servers
  • 1TB storage included as standard
  • Shared and personal data accessible from any location via any device without VPN
  • Apps for smartphone and tablet available for iOS & Android
  • Corporate branding for the web portal
  • Secure data sharing with 3rd parties and other stakeholders
  • Identity and data security provisioned using the same architecture as Active Directory
  • All data securely backed up with 99 previous file versions available for restore

The Technical Part

Egnyte is leading industry vendor of cloud file sharing services and Comis is an Egnyte partner.  We believe Egnyte is the closest deployment of a Windows file server in the cloud currently available.  The Egnyte platform delivers secure data sharing, remote access without the need for VPN or remote access hardware and data backup all included in a single solution.  The platform is easily scalable to support business growth and also supports SSO through Azure AD.  Without an on-premise server providing Active Directory Comis recommends the deployment of Windows Intune and Azure AD for cloud based device and identity management.