Office Relocation

Case Study

Office Relocation


Client: Equals Consulting

Sector: Project Management

Company Size: 50+

Benefits of Office Relocation Project:

  • Flexible working environment
  • Efficient use of desk space through hot desking
  • Meeting rooms and break out areas for use with Skype for Business UC

Other Services Provided:

  • Managed Internet
  • Managed Wireless
  • Managed Server
  • Managed Backup & Replication
  • Managed Desktop
  • Managed Voice (Skype for Business)
  • Office365 E3

The Challenge

To design and deliver a flexible technology workspace and collaborative IT solution to support business expansion and the relocation to a new office.

Design & Implementation

As part of the office relocation project Comis were asked to design and deliver an IT environment and infrastructure to meet the following requirements:

  • Support hot desking to deliver efficient use of desk space
  • Provide fast internet access for 80 staff
  • Deliver reliable and secure access for consultants working remotely
  • Migrate telephony service and improve collaboration
  • Provide audio visual facilities in meeting rooms and areas

We were part of the office design and worked with the fit-out team ensure the physical design of the office would support the technology brief.  Our activities included:

  • Design and layout of comms room and services
  • installation of CAT6 data cabling based on floor plan and desk layout
  • Design and layout of audio visual services in the meeting rooms and break out areas certified for use with Skype for Business

We worked with the Equals team to understand the usage requirements at the new office.  The solution needed to support flexible working and provide an aesthetically pleasing solution with minimal desktop hardware on display.  Our solution included:

  • Design and installation of a standardised desk setup including Dell monitors with USB docking station providing video and network connectivity and power all hidden under desk
  • Support for flexible working with all members of staff being able to work from any desk


The benefits of implementing the workplace solution designed by Comis were:

  • Flexible working environment
  • Efficient use of desk space through hot desking
  • Meeting rooms and break out areas specially designed for use with Skype for Business unified communications

The Technical Part

We delivered a flexible workspace environment using Dell monitors, USB keyboards & mouse and Dell USB docking stations installed at each desk location.  Docking stations and laptop power were installed under desks provide easy plug-in hot desking for all staff and to hide wiring for a clean and safe environment.  USB docking stations ensure support for any laptop regardless of model and provides a future-proof solution.